Sub-Rosa Investigation



RED FLAGS – It’s time to consider Surveillance (Sub-Rosa) Investigation when:

  1. The claimant secured an attorney prior to or immediately after seeking medical attention.
  2. Subjective complains that prevent the claimant from returning to his usual and customary employment.
  3. Any 100% disability.
  4. Any complaints when your doctor feels the claimant is malingering or exaggerating.
  5. Any time the claimant does not appear to be home during normal working hours, or is very difficult to contact.
  6. The claimant has dirty hands or clothing when going to their doctors appointment or picking up their check.
  7. The claimant has had restricted use of any of their extremities over a period of months and there is no atrophy.
  8. The claimant appears to be much more restricted than what his/her physical complaints are.
  9. The claimant nor his/her spouse is working, but their life style indicates otherwise.
  10. The claimant appears fit, trim, and tanned.
  11. An activity check indicates the claimant is active or employed.
  12. Temporary disability has exceeded six weeks.
  13. You have information the claimant is about to move.
  14. An anonymous tip indicates the claimant is working, faking, exaggerating, etc.
  15. You have information that the claimant is typically a very active person when it comes to sports or other activities.