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Meeting the needs of an ever-changing insurance industry. Bartell Investigations has been in business since 1993 and we’ve crossed many boundaries in an effort to better serve you and provide you with extraordinary investigative services. Most recently, we’ve introduced the “Comprehensive AOE/COE” to our arsenal of services. Introducing this service Nationwide means that our customers will receive results that are unmatched within the industry. The development of our web site, along with our utilization of new technologies will mean faster and better results for you, while also providing you with simplified access to us.

One can’t rely on old rules for guidance. As the industry we work in changes, Bartell Investigations continually evolves and improves its services in order to better serve you and meet your needs. In addition to surveillance (sub-rosa) investigations, we offer a full array of services to the insurance industry: statements, subrogation investigations, background checks, asset checks, and AOE/COE investigations.

You deserve the best. When you call Bartell Investigations you’ll talk to the most prepared, knowledgeable and service oriented people in the industry. Our commitment to quality relies on keeping our team of professionals at the top of their game, so we can provide you with the results that you need and expect.

Thank You. Your loyalty and support throughout the years have enabled us to become the business we are today – one that demands integrity, professionalism and results, results, results! We look forward to showing you what sets us apart!


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SERVICES -What Bartell Investigations offers to you:  


Surveillance (Sub-rosa) Investigations – An unbiased, discreet, and continuous observation of a person and his/her surroundings in an effort to obtain information regarding his/her activities and abilities. Surveillance is the most dramatic and valuable investigative information you can obtain to help substantiate any reasonable doubts about the legitimacy of a claim or the extent of an injury. Bartell Investigations’ highly trained investigators use today’s sophisticated surveillance equipment to help document the truth about a subject’s actions and abilities.

Activity Check – A neighborhood level investigation to obtain useful information regarding a subject’s identity, general activities, confirmation of address, mode of transportation, and possible current employment. The activity check is a very important tool for surveillance preparation.

The Comprehensive AOE/COE – The most extensive and complete in the industry. Please see page 3 for a full description of this unique investigation, exclusively from Bartell Investigations.

Statements – Secure recorded/written statements for any type of investigation.

Subrogation Investigations – Determine if a third party may be responsible for an accident and/or injury to the subject in question.  Our investigation includes: securing recorded/written statements, photographs, video, and documentation to assist you in the possible recovery of funds from the responsible third party.

Background Checks/Public Records/ Database Search – Bartell Investigations has access to the most current and informative databases available. Background investigations include, but are not limited to:

  • Department of Motor Vehicle Searches – Driver and vehicle records.
  • Civil Claims – Statewide or countrywide search of claims filed against or on behalf to the subject in question.
  • Criminal Records – By town, county, or state.
  • Asset Searches – Includes real estate, boats, recreational vehicles and employment.
  • Verifications – Includes verification of individual’s given name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, and social security numbers.

Undercover Investigations – We have extensive experience in undercover investigations in the workplace to determine Employee Morale/Activity issues, as well as theft within the workplace.

Social Media / Internet Investigations – Our highly skilled team looks into all of social media to obtain information regarding activity levels, employment, etc.

Other – We are willing to cater our investigative services to your needs. Please call us with regard to any specific investigative needs no outlined above.



Bartell Investigations has committed its investigative services to cover your needs Nationwide, and in other countries upon request.



Bartell Investigations’ “COMPREHENSIVE AOE/COE INVESTIGATION” is your solution. Most investigation companies are finished after they take the statement of the claimant and witnesses. Bartell Investigations goes far beyond the ordinary in providing you with the finest, most comprehensive AOE/COE Investigation in the industry today. Our goal: “Provide you, our customer, with all the necessary investigative information that will result in the most accurate and timely Med/Legal evaluation for you.” Bartell Investigations obtains the following information on each and every Comprehensive AOE/COE Investigation:

  • medlegalConduct in-person comprehensive recorded statement from the claimant, supervisor, co-workers and/or witnesses.
  • Take digital photograph of the claimant for identification purposes.
  • Take digital photographs of the accident scene, if appropriate.
  • Obtain signed medical/psychological release from claimant.
  • Obtain signed Fraud Statement from claimant.
  • Obtain necessary personnel files and/or documented evidence.
  • Schedule Medical/Legal evaluation with highly respected physicians (either your choice of physician, or our recommendation).
  • Provide claimant with appointment letter and map to Medical Legal evaluation at the time we meet with him/her to obtain the recorded statement. We have the claimant sign for receipt of the appointment letter to assure you that he/she is aware of the date, time and location of his/her appointment. We will also provide a mileage check to the claimant at your request.
  • Subpoena all pertinent medical records, with adjuster approval. We will subpoena records through only licensed, reputable subpoena services. We contract with companies to get YOU the best price.
  • Provide all AOE/COE investigation information to the Med/Legal physician PRIOR TO the claimants evaluation, including statements, pictures, prior medical records, etc.

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  1. Any injury that results in or potentially could result in death.
  2. Any unwitnessed incident/injury.
  3. Any injury that is reported late.
  4. Any cardiovascular complaint.
  5. Any injury resulting in loss of any extremity.
  6. Any injury resulting in loss of hearing.
  7. Any injury resulting in blindness.
  8. Any continuous trauma or occupational disease.
  9. Any off-premise incident resulting in injury.
  10. Any second or third degree bums over 15% of the body.
  11. Any injury caused by defect or malfunction in machinery, tools, scaffolding, or other equipment.
  12. Temporary disability is reasonably anticipated to be in excess of six weeks.
  13. Any injury that results in the employee being terminated or quitting.
  14. Any injury where there is a question of serious and willful misconduct on the part of the employer or employee.
  15. Any injury resulting from illegal conduct.
  16. Any injury resulting from the abuse of drugs or alcohol
  17. Any emotional stress or psychological trauma claim.
  18. Any claim filed immediately upon or after a layoff or termination.

RED FLAGS – It’s time to consider Sub Rosa Investigation when:

  1. The claimant secured an attorney prior to or immediately after seeking medical attention.
  2. Subjective complaints that prevent the claimant from returning to his usual and customary employment.
  3. Any 100% disability.
  4. Any complaints when your doctor feels the claimant is malingering or exaggerating.
  5. Any time the claimant does not appear to be home during normal working hours, or is very difficult to ever get a hold of.
  6. The claimant has dirty hands or clothing when going to their doctors appointments or picking up their check.
  7. The claimant has had restricted use of any of their extremities over a period of months and there is no atrophy.
  8. The claimant appears to be much more restricted than what his physical complaints may be.
  9. The claimant nor his/her spouse is working, but their life style indicates otherwise.
  10. The claimant appears fit, trim, and tanned.
  11. An activity check indicates the claimant is active or employed.
  12. Temporary disability has exceeded six weeks or more.
  13. You have information the claimant is about to move.
  14. An anonymous tip indicates the claimant is working, faking, exaggerating, etc.
  15. You have information that the claimant is typically a very active person when it comes to sports or other activities. These people find it very difficult to stay away from their sports.


Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality, results-oriented investigations, which reflect our commitment to integrity, timeliness, professionalism and unprecedented customer service.

Surveillance (Sub-Rosa)

Surveillance (Sub-Rosa)

Activity Check

Activity Check

Comprehensive AOE/COE

Comprehensive AOE/COE



Subrogation Investigations

Background Check

Background Check


Undercover Investigations

Social Media/Internet

Social Media/Internet