AOE / COE Investigation




  1. Any injury that results in or potentially could result in death.
  2. Any unwitnessed incident/injury.
  3. Any injury that is reported late.
  4. Any cardiovascular complaint.
  5. Any injury resulting in loss of any extremity.
  6. Any injury resulting in loss of hearing.
  7. Any injury resulting in blindness.
  8. Any continuous trauma or occupational disease.
  9. Any off-premise incident resulting in injury.
  10. Any second or third degree burns over 15% of the body.
  11. Any injury caused by defect or malfunction in machinery, tools, scaffolding, or other equipment.
  12. Temporary disability is reasonably anticipated to be in excess of six weeks.
  13. Any injury that results in the employee being terminated or quitting.
  14. Any injury where there is a question of serious and willful misconduct on the part of the employer or employee.
  15. Any injury resulting from illegal conduct.
  16. Any injury resulting from the abuse of drugs or alchohol
  17. Any emotional stress or psychological trauma claim.
  18. Any claim filed immediately upon or after a layoff or termination.